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Rachel + Arthur
Real Estate Team

Welcome to VanCore. We are a sibling Realtor duo that specializes in residential property across Great Vancouver. We pride ourselves in having the right expertise and a big sprinkle of personal touch. Let's explore this city together and find something new for you to Love.

About Us



Experience and knowledge is Power. We strive to keep up with Everything in our city. 



Every day is a new day for new opportunities. Reach us any day, even on Holidays. 



Behind our Energetic Outlook, we are backed by a Professional Mortgage and Realtor Consultants. 

Projects in our city

Vancouver is a fast paced Real Estate Market. Presales for Condos and Townhouses are everywhere. Come explore the things we have seen and ask us about how we can help with your future home. 


Every house is unique and every home is special. Our Listing Services aim to bring out the Best your property has to offer. 


Purchasing your next home is a exhilarating affair. We strive to keep all our clients informed while providing a fun experience through your journey. 


In this fast paced market, it is important to stay informed about your Investment potentials. Our unique perspective canhelp. 

Lets Grab Coffee

Whether you are just starting to explore the world of Home Shopping or looking for your next Dream House. We would Love to be apart of that Experience. Come pick our brains about the Experience that is Vancouver Real Estate. 


Thank you for dropping by. There is always something new to learn and new people to meet. Rachel and I are looking forward to speaking with you all. 

Arthur Van