Stacking Bricks

Azure is part of Ledingham McAllister’s first phase in the development of their new and exciting ‘Southgate City’. Belonging to the 15 year project, this is just one of the 29 highrises and 17 low rises that will eventually make up the entirety of this new development. Situated in the Southwest corner of this larger project, Azure consists of a 4 storey lowrise and a 32 storey high rise. Like a diamond in the rough, it has the ideal combination of affordable pricings and a great potential for value appreciation in the near future. This is due to it being located just outside of Burnaby South’s downtown core, paired with a very reputable developer that is dedicated to bringing luxury and elegance to this part of Burnaby. The whole scenario shouts potential! With it’s own retail strip and a 5 acre park that will be situated in the center of this gorgeous development, Ledingham McAllister is truly creating their very own master plan. Especially with Azure now being its first release, it is safe to say, that these units will be the most affordable presales coming out of Southgate City for the next 15 years

  • Highrise Address – 7683 Park Crescent, Burnaby
  • Lowrise Address – 7788 18th Street, Burnaby

Estimated Completion: Summer 2024

Pricings / Floorplans

High Rise:
Floorplan Options: One Bed, One Bed + Den, Two Bed, Two Bed + Den, Penthouse
Prices Starting From: $529,900
Maintenance Fees: $0.47/sq ft
Deposit: 20%

Floorplan Options: One Bed + Den, Two Bed, Corner Two Bed, Corner Three Bed
Prices Starting From: $519,900
Maintenance Fees: $0.44/sq ft
Deposit: 15%

Mortgage builder rates are available from selected financial institutions, please contact for more details.

* Note that when purchasing Pre-sales, a 5% GST applies to all sale prices along with a potential Property Transfer Tax unless you are eligible for a full/partial exemption. For more information on Pre-sale closing costs and other pointers, visit our discussion here. *

Amenities & Features

  • Fireside Lounge
  • Billiards Table
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Guest Suite
  • Concierge
  • Private Gym
  • Yoga Studio


Purchasing presales can get challenging and that is why you should always have an experienced realtor help guide you along the way. With our experience and knowledge, you get valuable advice on the area, pricings, closing costs, and much more, but most importantly, you get a professional that can review and explain the details of the contract with you prior to your signing. Remember, developers put their own interests first, while a realtor looks out for yours.

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